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SuperFlash Compressed Gas Equipment Acquires Andonian Cryogenic Assets

Posted On: August 12, 2013 by Admin Admin

SuperFlash Compressed Gas Equipment, LLC, Westlake, Ohio & Neustadt-Wied , Germany announce the acquisition of certain assets from Andonian Cryogenics, New Bedford, Massachusetts. Andonian Cryogenics was the leading manufacturer of small and portable liquid to gas filling equipment and other advanced cryogenic equipment and technology. Andonian Cryogenic's founder, the late Martin Andonian, was a brilliant MIT trained engineer, inventor, and was a close friend and technical resource to SuperFlash's owner, engineers, and technicians for almost three decades. He will be missed. SuperFlash will continue to provide expansion capabilities, training, service, repair parts, supplies, preventative maintenance, and accessories to the hundreds of former Andonian Cryogenics system owners worldwide. In addition, SuperFlash plans to introduce an updated SuperFlash Andonian inspired liquid to gas system in early 2014.  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) QUESTION: Will SuperFlash

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Flashback Arrestor and Check Valve Test Equipment

Posted On: August 12, 2013 by Flashback Arrestor and Check Valve Test Equipment

Here is an opportunity for every torch and regulator repair facility. OSHA and ANSI Z49.1: 2012* require that each and every flashback arrestor and check valve be tested and maintained according to the manufacturer's instructions. Testing is usually required once per year, or more often in heavy duty or abusive applications. Failure to perform testing can result personal injury accidents, equipment damage, and heavy OSHA violations and fines. Now you can easily test all popular brands of flashback arrestor and/or check valve with a certified flashback arrestor testing device.The PVGDtests both gas flow and reverse flow check valves safely and easily.SuperFlash's PVGD uses inert nitrogen instead of far more hazardous and expensive fuel gases or oxygen to test equipment, and without changing the position of your equipment, you can test for forward and reverse flow! This is a great service to your customers and a new source of revenue and profits for you. Every flashback arrestor

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