Custom Heating Solutions

SuperFlash Compressed Gas Equipment can help by designing a customized heating solution so that you can focus on your production. Custom heating products give you predictable, reliable, and repeatable results for all your heating processes.

Examples of burner applications include:
  • Ring burners with or without swivel connections for pipes ranging from 1” to 100” diameter or larger.
  • Large sized lane burners for straightening or concrete cleaning.
  • Custom shaped multiple rosebud configurations for metal or glass shaping.
Custom Heating Solutions
Custom Heating Solutions

Custom Heating Solutions

Don’t waste time and energy using rosebuds to heat large areas or specially shaped surfaces. Whether it is for flame hardening, pre- or post-weld heating, straightening, or fusing surface materials, call or email us to find out how we can build a heating solution to maximize your productivity and give you dependable and repeatable results today.
All our custom heating solutions are built to order using the highest quality materials and production methods, all while conforming to international standards such as ISO and BAM.

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