Flashback Arrestors

SuperFlash flashback arresters are UL and many are BAM approved, ensuring sufficient gas flow, and giving you the highest quality safety device available.

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Gas Mixers

The SuperFlash Mini-PGM 2-gas adjustable gas mixer allows users to mix their own gases at almost any ratio needed to fit their process requirements.

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SuperFlash manifolds work perfectly with our custom heating solutions for a complete turnkey gas system. Call us or use  our Rapid Response Request Form and we will help you select the correct gas manifold.

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Quick Connectors

Quick connectors make setting up and taking down equipment faster and easier. They automatically cut off gas flow when disconnected and have all brass construction.

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These safety devices are designed for use with furnaces in steel and other industries. They have a low cracking pressure (3-7 milibar), and can be used as a flashback arrestor and check valve.

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SuperFlash Compressed Gas Equipment’s family of maintenance chemicals is designed to let you and your customers use gases and cylinders safely and cost effectively.

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Custom Heating

SuperFlash Compressed Gas Equipment can help by designing a customized heating solution so that you can focus on your production with predictable, reliable and repeatable results.

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Thermal Spray

SuperFlash Compressed Gas Equipment carries a variety of combustion powder thermal spray equipment, and can help get you setup to spray for the first time.

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