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Plasma Cutting vs. Laser Cutting

By C. Arroyo
May 13, 2021 Category: Plasma Cutting, Laser Cutting, Welding, Fabrication, Fabricating

Plasma and Laser - both choices offer great solutions for cutting different metals but which one is right for your?

Acquisition of LIFE Corporation

By Carmella Arroyo
May 10, 2021 Category: LIFE Corporation, OxyGo, Acquisition, Press Release

Westlake, OH. May10th, 2021 OxyGoLLC, the parent company ofSuperFlash, a leader in lightweight portable oxygen concentrators,has acquiredLIFECorporation,a manufacturer of medical devices that specializes in portable Emergency Oxygen and CPR administration equipment. Founded in 1985,LIFE Corporation specializes in AED companions to provide supplemental oxygen to a breathing victim before the onset of fibrillation, oxygen enriched CPR to a non-breathing victim, or continued supplemental oxygen after successful defibrillation. LIFEalso provides a complete line of medical oxygen regulators and cylinders forLIFEproducts and separately for EMTs, hospitals, and the home care market. Acquiring LIFECorporation is an exciting and logicalnextstepinofferingproactive gas solutions tothe medical and industrial markets, saidV.E. Marquard-Schultz, Esq. and continuesour mission to help our customers and communities grow. The acquisition ofLIFECorporationfits intoOxyGosstrategy toofferhigh quality and

How fresh is your beer?

April 12, 2021 Category: Gas Mixing, Gas Mixers, Beer Dispensing, Beverage Industry

Is your beer as fresh as it could be? SuperFlash has the right German-made gas mixers for the typical CO2 / N2 mixtures. A mixture that is always exact avoids undesirable over-carbonation of the beer and prevents quality losses during production, transport or serving.

Eight Markers to Help WEMCO Members Survive and Prosper in the Pandemic and Post-Pandemic World

By Dave Marquard
March 17, 2021 Category: Pandemic, WEMCO, COVID, E Commerce, Business

Eight Markers to Help WEMCOMembers Survive and Prosper in the Pandemic and Post-Pandemic World BYDAVE MARQUARD, OPM, MBA, BS EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN / OWNER, APPLIED COMPANIES, LLC Yes, the vaccines are coming and promise hope. But for now, the most daunting business challenges since the Great Depression are at our doorstep. What indicators or factors determine whether your business is going to have 10% or 100% of your pre-pandemic revenue and profits? TheJackpot is E-Commerce Hopefully, you are in e-commerce in a big way. It was one of the technologies that was growing well before the pandemic and the pandemic has massively accelerated its growth. For example, many of the baby boomer generation resisted shopping online until their favorite stores closed or they feared the virus or both. Now they use e-commerce religiously. To help me run and grow my own businesses I keep a sharp eye out on what McKinsey, the Wall Street Journal and other business experts say about current best business

SuperFlash Announces Launch of subsidiary LaserCore™

By .
January 05, 2021 Category: General

SuperFlash LLC, a leader in compressed gas safety and management announced the launch of their new subsidiary LaserCore today.

SuperFlash CEO Announced as a winner in 2020 Smart 50 Awards

By Brittany Fichter
November 11, 2020 Category: General

SuperFlash CEO Announced as a winner in 2020 Smart 50 Awards

When You Should Not Use Social Media

October 29, 2020 Category: Social Media, Internet Safety

By Dave Marquard, WEMCO Tech Chair What you see here What you say here What you hear here When you leave here Let it stay here Many of us who grew up working summer jobs in defense or other types of factories may remember seeing signs that had dire warnings to keep what we saw confidential. One of my favorite books about WW2 summed up the danger succinctly by showing a poster that was ubiquitous throughout the war years. It contained just four words: Loose Lips Sink Ships. Flash forward to today. Pre-COVID, I enjoyed taking plant tours whenever I could. But I noticed that, especially when it was a tour of a pharmaceutical or other medical equipment manufacturer, I was asked to leave my cell phone with a guard. This is because what I was seeing on those plant tours was valuable information that needed to be protected. Todays version of loose lips is often transmitted unwittingly through social media. There are lots of very good reasons to use social media, including

Is Your Disinfectant Destroying Your Oxygen / Fuel Gas Equipment?

By Brittany Fichter
August 04, 2020 Category: General

Many cleaners contain chemicals that are hazardous to cylinders and medical devices. They may also require additional steps to ensure proper and safe disinfection. Use SuperFlashs Bioesque to help disinfect cylinders and equipment. Kills Coronavirus in just 1 minute! Ready-to-use formula with no rinsing required Does not require the use of PPE Non-abrasive and non-corrosive Heavy duty, EPA registered, broad-spectrum cleaner and disinfectant Kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses*, fungi molds Safe for everyday use *Virucidal according to the ASTM Standard Test Method for Efficacy of Virucidal Agents Have questions? Call us at 888-327-7306 or email

Information Technology and the Pandemic

By Dave Marquard, MBA, OPM (HBS)
July 28, 2020 Category: General, COVID 19, COVID, IT, Informational Technology, Pandemic, Coronavirus

By Dave Marquard, WEMCO Tech Chair If I had anhourto solve a problem and mylifedepended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes. ----- ALBERT EINSTEIN, DECEMBER 19,1917 Much has changed over the past century since Einstein made this observation. But one fact has not changed: how well you define a problem determines how well you solve it. I have had the distinct honor and privilege of writing this column for several years now and none of them havebeen more important to me than this one. This is because none of us have ever faced a personal and business crisis in our lifetimes like COVID-19. I was a cop in Ohio before I started my businessesand I thought I had seen everything too horrible to mention. But this disease is different. It has touched the lives and businesses of everyone on this planet in a way that challenges and frightens

New! Oxy-Fuel Gas Safety Demos

By Laura Frederick
May 21, 2020 Category: Flashback Arrestors, Safety, OxyFuel, Gas Safety, Welding, FBA, Industrial, Pipeline

SuperFlash flashback arrestors are UL and BAM approved, 100% tested for reverse flow, leak integrity and flashback protection with actual flashbacks, and contain a built-in 100 micron inlet filter, reverse flow check valve, 3-5 micron flame barrier, and a thermal shutoff valve in ourpoint of supply models. So you can be sure that not only are you getting enough gas flow, you are getting the highest quality safety device available. SuperFlash flashback arrestors are the worldwide leader in quality and functionality. DO ALL FLAME BARRIERS PROVIDE THE SAME LEVEL OF PROTECTION? No, all flame barriers are not created equal. Flame barriers can be made of different materials and have different micron openings. The flame barrier needs to be made a material that will extinguish fires and have the right size openings to allow gas throughbut not a flashback. If the micron openings are too large or the material is not correctthe flame barrier will not stop a flashback. SuperFlash flashback arrestors

This Too Won't Pass

By Laura Frederick
March 20, 2020 Category: General

By Dave Marquard March 20, 2020 We cant all be heroes, because somebody has to sit on the curb and applaud when they go by.--- Mark Twain Some things dont change. Mark Twains sense of humor causes laughter today just as it did 140 years ago. Even today he is often lauded as the greatest humorist in American history. I am sure he would have had a funny take on our modern welding technology if he were alive today. Reputations have a way of sticking through the ages. I can imagine the type of humor Twain might have written had he known about robotic welding or additive manufacturing, for example. The jolt of cataclysmic historical events always passes and we move on from them. But we remember a lot about them. All WEMCO members remember 9/11 and where they were and how they heard about it. All WEMCO members remember Columbine. The events passed and we recovered but the impact and change they caused altered our way of life in a permanent way. When was the last time any of us did not have

Join Us at FabTech

By Brittany Fichter
November 22, 2019 Category: FABTECH, Super Shield, Show, Chicago, Welding

JOIN US AT FABTECH! FABTECH is where the metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing community comes together to see whats new and whats next. Its where connections are made and where deals get done. Where you can experience interactive exhibits, learn from expert-led education and network with peers. The complimentary expo pass in the link below gives you access to 1,700+ exhibits, hands-on product demonstrations, keynotes, special events, and more. Make plans today to attend and be part of the Industrial Evolution taking place. Experience the future of metal fabricating and more - only at FABTECH 2019. STOP BYB33077! Please join us at the 2019 FABTECH Welding Show in Chicago, IL November 11-14, 2019 Booth #B33077 Download your free passhere! SEE WHATS NEW! SuperFlashs Super Shield Gas Mixer is a 2-gas adjustable gas mixer that allows users to mix their own gases at almost any ratio needed to fit their process requirements.

Technology: Can You Trust Your Own Lying Eyes

By Laura Frederick
November 22, 2019 Category: Technology, Business, WEMCO, FABTECH, Marketing

By Dave Marquard November, 2019 I had attended forty consecutive AWS Welding/Fabtech Shows until the streak was snapped a few weeks ago because of an important meeting elsewhere I had to attend. No one can physically be in two places at the same time, although todays technology allows us to beam up our presence from afar via electronic robot cameras. Its a technology my companies are investing heavily in because of the immense potential it has for allowing us to dramatically cut travel and expense costs. In my absence from physically being at Fabtech I thought a lot about what I missed most about it. I missed walking the aisles, meeting people and seeing the latest welding technologies a lotbut oddly enough I also missed the entertaining shows I often found while walking those aislesespecially the magicians hired by companies to attract people to their booths. Many magic tricks are based on illusions. The magician makes you think you saw something that didnt happen. The hand is quicker

How Does Your Safety Program Stack Up?

By Laura Frederick
July 15, 2019 Category: Safety, Welding, Industrial, Training, Auditing

All the common welding and industrial gases found in the work place are hazardous when safety procedures and equipment are not used or ignored. Welding and industrial gas safety requires training and equipment which is readily available from gas and welding equipment suppliers.

How Technology Can Enhance Growth at Home and at Work

By Laura Frederick
June 13, 2019 Category: Technology, Business, WEMCO, Software

By Dave Marquard, WEMCO Tech Chair June 8, 2019 Curiosity has often driven me to action.In 1982 I purchased one of the worlds first portable computers, the Osborne 1.It weighed almost 25 pounds and didnt have an on-board battery. It had to be plugged into a wall outlet to power up and use.However, it was still classified as a portable computer because it could be hand-carried. The Osborne 1 shipped with a large bundle of software worth almost as much as the computer.That software included some of the most powerful and pioneering programs of the day such as D-Base2 for data sorting; SuperCal, an early spreadsheet, and WordStar, a leading word processor application that had a dominant market share that lasted until the mid-1980s. I was a young VP at a small welding equipment manufacturing company, which while a market leader in its small niche, could never seem to break out of a slow growth cycle.My new computer aided ability to process large amounts of data, prepare what if scenarios,

SuperFlash CEO Announced as a winner in 2019 Smart 50 Awards

By Laura Frederick
May 03, 2019 Category: Superflash, Oxygo, Smart50, Innovation

Victoria Marquard-Schultz/OxyGo Announced as a winner in 2019 Smart 50 Awards

Introducing the iMixone Gas Mixer!

By Laura Frederick
March 11, 2019 Category: IMixone, SuperFlash, Gas Mixer, IBEDA, Welding, Safety

iMixonewith integrated high-pressure regulators and flow control Gas mixer with diffusion-mixing system for two gases with up to three pre-set mixing ratios, especially for welding processes. The SuperFlashiMixoneis used, for example, in the production of mixed gases for protective gas welding and covers the most frequently used gas mixtures for the MIG, MAG, TIG welding. Due to the mixing principle, this mixer also ensures a constant gas mixture even if the volume of gas withdrawal changes. Avoid additional energy costs with the iMixone! ADVANTAGES High mixing precision even if the volume of gas withdrawal changes Up to 3 mixing ratios can be pre-set according to customers requirement Cost savings due to the avoidance of storage of different premixes Gas inlet filters protect the device against contamination Diffusion-mixing principle, no power supply required Withdrawal of mixed gas from 5 l/min up to maximum capacity Sturdy, compact design Low maintenance EASY HANDLING Direct

How to Prevent Personal Obsolescence

By Erin Clark
February 05, 2019 Category: General

Here are three simple actions you can take to help prevent your own personal obsolescence.Warning: Personal obsolescence in a leader / manager can manifest itself in organizational underperformance, less than optimal personal compensation, and even unemployment. EMBRACE YOUR INDUSTRY MARKET: More than 2,500 years ago the great Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu (544 BC to 496 BC) wisely observed: If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles. To modify this ancient axiom a little, You need not fear a hundred salary reviews, decisions, or market / industry changes, if you know the industry and the market. Having worked a dozen years for a large conglomerate before founding my own companies, I witnessed a common mistake by new division executives who often believed they didnt need to put in the considerable extra time required to learn the industry, market, and or even their products. This mistake was most often rooted in the erroneous belief

Chance to WIN a $250 Amazon Gift Card when you share your flashback near miss story

By Kristen Cifranic
March 23, 2016 Category: Amazon Gift Card Near Miss Preventing Serious Injury Safety

Four (4) $250 Amazon gift cards will be awarded to anyone who shares a near miss, or where a flashback arrestor prevented a "near miss" and / or accident that we could use in trade publications.

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