Flashback Arrestors

Overview - Flashback Arrestors

SuperFlash flashback arrestors are UL approved, and  many are available with BAM certification.  They are 100% tested for reverse flow, leak integrity, and flashback protection with actual flashbacks. Other features include a built-in 100 micron inlet filter, reverse flow check valve, 3-5 micron flame barrier, and a thermal shutoff valve in our point of supply models.

SuperFlash offers flashback arrestors with a variety of connection styles and a large range of flow capacities.  So you can be sure that not only are you are getting the highest quality safety device available, you are getting the equipment with the proper amount of flow for you application.

Overview - Flashback Arrestors
Overview - Flashback ArrestorsHVAC, Jewelry and AircraftTorch and Regulator Standard Flashback ArrestorsFlashback Arrestors with Quick ConnectorsResettable Flashback ArrestorsHighflow Torch and Regulator Mount Flashback ArrestorsManifold and Pipeline Flashback ArrestorsStainless Steel Flashback Arrestors

Click the images below to view our line of flashback arrestors. 

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