Manifolds and Pre-Heaters

Overview - Manifolds for Custom Heating Solutions

SuperFlash® manifolds work perfectly with our custom heating solutions for a complete turnkey gas system. Call us or use our Rapid Response Request Form and we will help you select the correct gas manifold to meet your custom heating solution needs. The following manifolds meet strict European safety standards and regulations (BAM - DIN).


• Maximum inlet pressure 3000 PSIG
• Acetylene systems (CGA 510) include dry type flash arresters on pigtail end
• All systems include SS Braided pigtails with PTFE lined inner core except those for Helium and Hydrogen which have a thermoplastic inner core

Overview - Manifolds
Overview - ManifoldsSimplex ManifoldGas Preheater: GVW 250Duplex ManifoldsPressure Manifold Changeover for Gas CylindersLiquid Manifold Changeover

Click the images below to view our line of manifolds.

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