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Need help with thermal spray equipment?

SuperFlash Compressed Gas Equipment carries a variety of combustion powder thermal spray equipment as well as parts and accessories for this type of equipment. With some of the highest quality and most durable equipment available, SuperFlash can help get you set up to spray for the first time, or provide you with the right repair parts for the SuperFlash, IBEDA, Hühne®, Bohler®, or UTP® spray equipment you already own.

Duraloy Spray Jet
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Duraloy Spray Jet

Powder spray torch for thermal spraying with self-fluxing alloys and melting at the same time. Most types of metal can be coated with the DURALOY and the DURALOYPLUS torch, provided that the melting point is higher than the working temperature of the alloy. During the operation, the powder particles pass through the flame and onto the surface of the work piece. The bonding is achieved by fusion with the parent metal. In comparison to the DURALOY, the DURALOYPLUS torch offers even more comfortable handling by the integrated quickaction shut-off valve. When operation is interrupted, the gas mixture, which was adjusted previously, is maintained. Therefore, it is not necessary to spend any time re-adjusting the mixture when setting up the re-operation. This is advantageous for applications with frequent interruptions of work.

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