Category: Consumption Rates

Why Are High Flow Flashback Arrestors Important?

By Kristen Cifranic
August 06, 2014 Category: High Flow Flashback Arrestor, Flow Rates, Tip Sizes, Consumption Rates

Different sizes of torches and tips require different flow rates to operate properly. It is very important to understand the required gas flow for your process to ensure safe operation. High flow capacity flashback arrestors allow sufficient gas flow for larger heating and cutting tips. Additionally they have significantly longer service life because of their high flow capacity. A flashback arrestor can restrict gas flow if it is too small for the application, causing backfires, short tip life, poor quality work, and even equipment damage. Tip sizes and consumption rates vary for equipment from different manufactures. A good rule of thumb is to use a high flow arrestor for tip sizes larger than #4. However It is always better to size an arrestor based on the actual gas consumption. Flashback arrestor flow charts and technical service are available to help make the correct decision based on the equipment you are using. High flow flashback arrestors have a larger flame barrier with

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