Ask Spark - Your Important Safety Questions... ANSWERED!

How Often Should I Replace My Flashback Arrestors?

The average lifespan of a typical flashback arrestor is 18 months, depending on average use, by CGA and OSHA requirements for industrial applications. We recommend testing for flow and reverse flow at least once a year (see product instructions for how to test.)

Won't A Check Valve Stop a Flashback?

Check valves only prevent the reverse flow of gases and CANNOT stop a flashback. Check valves do not have the essential element to stop a flashback: a flame barrier. A flame barrier stops the rapid flame propagation through hoses, regulators and torches.  Without this protection, the check valve cannot stop a flashback. 

Do All Flame Barriers Provide the Same Level of Protection?

No, all flame barriers are not created equal. Flame barriers can be made of different materials and have different micron openings. The flame barrier needs to be made a material that will extinguish fires and have the right size openings to allow gas through- but not a flashback. If the micron openings are too large or the material is not correct- the flame barrier will not stop a flashback. SuperFlash flashback arrestors are made of high quality 3-5 micron stainless steel- and are 100% tested so they stop flashbacks every time.

Spark's quick tip

SuperFlash Flashback Arrestors can come with a thermal shut off that can stop hose burnback and repeated flashbacks.