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What size flashback arrestor do I need?

What size flashback arrestor do I need

Posted By Carmella Arroyo
July 06, 2021 Category: Flashback Arrestors, Gas Flow, Oxygen Flow, Standard, Highflow, Welding, Welding Safety

SuperFlash Compressed Gas Equipment offers High Flow Flashback Arrestors for use on both the torch side and

New! Oxy-Fuel Gas Safety Demos

New! Oxy Fuel Gas Safety Demos

Posted By Laura Frederick
May 21, 2020 Category: Flashback Arrestors, Safety, OxyFuel, Gas Safety, Welding, FBA, Industrial, Pipeline

SuperFlash flashback arrestors are UL and BAM approved, 100% tested for reverse flow, leak  integrity and flashback protection with actual flashbacks, and contain a built-in 100 micron inlet  filter, reverse flow check valve, 3-5 micron flame barrier, and a thermal shutoff valve in our point of supply models. So you can be sure that not only are you getting enough gas flow, you are  getting the highest quality safety device available. SuperFlash flashback arrestors are the worldwide leader in quality and functionality. DO ALL FLAME BARRIERS PROVIDE THE SAME LEVEL OF PROTECTION? No, all flame barriers are not created equal. Flame barriers can be made of different materials and have different micron openings. The flame barrier needs to be made a material that will extinguish fires and have the right size openings to allow gas through—but not a flashback. If the micron openings are too large or the material is not correct—the flame barrier will not stop a flashback. SuperFlash flashback arrestors are made of high quality 3-5 micron stainless steel, and are 100% tested so they stop flashbacks every time. 100% Flashback Testing ensures our products work in real world situations. 3-5 micron stainless steel flame barriers stop flashbacks. Other brands have larger microns and less effective materials, that might not stop flashbacks every time. 100 micron inlet filter keeps contaminants out and increases service life by as much as

SuperFlash Compressed Gas Equipment and O.E. Meyer Safety Seminar

SuperFlash Compressed Gas Equipment and O.E. Meyer Safety Seminar

Posted By Kristen Cifranic
November 24, 2014 Category: Safety Seminar, Flashback Arrestors, Safety Demonstrations

On November 14, 2014 Superflash Compressed Gas Equipment & O. E. Meyer Company conducted a Safety with Compressed Gases seminar for a 160 participants, at the Lake County Safety Council. Participants were involved in several gas safety demonstrations and discussions, such as properly handling, using, storing, and moving gas cylinders and cryogenic vessels. The seminar also covered an overview of the safety standards from the Compressed Gas Association, Safety Bulletins, and Position Statements along with other OSHA, DOT, and industry practices.   Presenters and participants at the seminar included Dave Marquard and Jason Flanigan from Superflash, and Paul Revolinsky, Branch Manager for O.E. Meyer, Garfield Hts

SIMAX and DEMAX Series of Flashback Arrestors

SIMAX and DEMAX Series of Flashback Arrestors

Posted By Kristen Cifranic
October 15, 2014 Category: Simax, Demax, Pipelines, Manifolds, Flashback Arrestors

The SIMAX and DEMAX series of flashback arrestors provides a full range of dry (no water or fluid to check or replenish) flashback, gas reverse flow and hose burn back protection in a compact, economical package. They are approved safety devices under ANSI Z49.1:2012 safety guidelines and help meet OSHA, NFPA and other strict industry safety standards. They are ideal for high volume gas flow applications in pipelines and manifolds.   The best protection for your high-flow processes, without the high costs or checking liquid levels. Thermal shut off protection against burn backs and multiple flashbacks. More compact than liquid arrestors. Many different connections and flow rate

New Spark Speaks Online Classes

New Spark Speaks Online Classes

Posted By Kristen Cifranic
August 27, 2014 Category: Spark Speaks, Online Safety Courses, Flashback Arrestors, Torch And Regulators

SuperFlash added three new online classes to its "Spark Speaks" series of online courses for gas safety! This NEW series of FREE online courses is perfect for welders, supervisors, or anyone who uses oxygen and / or fuel gas with their job. 1. Intro To Compressed Gas And Welding Gas Safety  This course covers the characteristics of gases, explaining the difference between oxygen and fuel gas and what safety features should be used for each gas. 2. Choosing The Proper Flashback Arrestor For Your Application Goes into detail about the following topics: How accidents occure How flashback arrestors work The different types of flashback arrestors and where they should be placed on equipment (torch and regulators) Calculations of flows and pressures 3. How To Prevent Welding And Compressed Gas Accidents Different regulations from OSHA and CGA are discussed to include the training requirements and equipment maintenance to meet these regulations. We also review the most common accidents with welding and gas safety. For more information, and a list of class dates and times please give us a

Flashback Arrestors vs. Check Valves: Do you REALLY know the difference?

Flashback Arrestors vs. Check Valves: Do you REALLY know the difference

Posted By Kristen Cifranic
April 23, 2014 Category: Flashback Arrestors, Check Valves

Flashback arrestors are designed to stop a flashback AND prevent reverse flow. Check valves only prevent the reverse flow of gases, and CANNOT stop a flashback

SuperFlash Education Series: Flashback Arrestors and How They Work

SuperFlash Education Series: Flashback Arrestors and How They Work

Posted By Kristen Cifranic
November 21, 2013 Category: Flashback Arrestors, Normal Gas Flow, Reverse Gas Flow, Flashback, Hose Burn Back

SuperFlash Education Series: Flashback Arrestors and How They Work

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