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Author: Kristen Cifranic

Chance to WIN a $250 Amazon Gift Card when you share your flashback near miss story

By Kristen Cifranic
March 23, 2016 Category: Amazon Gift Card Near Miss Preventing Serious Injury Safety

Four (4) $250 Amazon gift cards will be awarded to anyone who shares a near miss, or where a flashback arrestor prevented a "near miss" and / or accident that we could use in trade publications.

Five ways to keep your job

By Kristen Cifranic
July 29, 2015 Category: Technology Managers Keeping Your Job

Technology, most of us will admit is rapidly increasing the speed of change because it makes decision making information and data available faster and more complete than ever before.

Introducing the NEW SuperFlash IBEDA Inline Fuel Gas and Oxygen Filters

By Kristen Cifranic
July 08, 2015 Category: GF 25 Inline Fuel Gas And Oxygen Filter Pipelines Technical Gases

The new GF-25 Inline Gas and Oxygen Filters are designed for use in pipelines. Very user friendly and can be used with a variety of gases, including oxygen and many other technical gases.

NEW Flashback Arrestors and Check Valves for Fuel and Air Gas

By Kristen Cifranic
April 22, 2015 Category: Flashback Arrestor Check Valves Fuel Gas Air Gas Thermal Process Systems

SuperFlash has a new product line for thermal process systems and heating processes with fuel gas and air mixtures. The new product line consists of check valves (GRV Series) in accordance with EN730-2 so-called safety devices without integrated flame arrestor as well as models with check valves and an integrated flame arrestor (GRS Series). The new products are characterized by minimal cracking pressures between 4 and 6 mbar as well as extremely low pressure losses. These products can be used in thermal process plant applications with a natural gas supply as well as heating processes for welding, cutting, and related processes that are operated with mixtures of fuel gas and air. In this area the safety devices are used to safeguard plants, pipeline systems and tapping points and prevent gas return (check valves, model: GRV) or gas return and flashback (flashback resistant gas non-return valve, model: GRS). The safety devices satisfy the requirements specified in all relevant international

Stainless Steel Flashback Arrestors

By Kristen Cifranic
April 01, 2015 Category: Stainless Steel Flashback Arrestors Oxygen Hydrogen Flammable Gases

In addition to our standard high flow stainless steel flashback arrestor (model DG91NSS), we now offer three additional versions to cover a much larger range of flow rates and situations. Choose from our model DGN for standard flow applications all the way up to our models ESF and Demax designed for high flow manifold applications. Now no matter what application you have, we can provide a flashback arrestor made from stainless steel and suitable for use with higher purity gases, and in more demanding environments. Stainless steel flashback arrestors are designed for oxygen, hydrogen and other flammable gases where all stainless steel type 316 with Viton or other elastomers are desirable. These arrestors are standard with NPT connections; however they can be specially adapted and tested in our lab with a wide variety of connections, including Swagelok tube fittings.

The Importance of High Flow Flashback Arrestors

By Kristen Cifranic
March 25, 2015 Category: High Flow Flashback Arrestors, Torches, Tips

Different sizes of torches and tips require different flow rates to operate properly. It is very important to understand the required gas flow for your process to ensure safe operation. High flow capacity flashback arrestors allow sufficient gas flow for larger heating and cutting tips. Additionally they have significantly longer service life because of their high flow capacity. A flashback arrestor can restrict gas flow if it is too small for the application, causing backfires, short tip life, poor quality work, and even equipment damage. Tip sizes and consumption rates vary for equipment from different manufactures. A good rule of thumb is to use a high flow arrestor for tip sizes larger than #4. However It is always better to size an arrestor based on the actual gas consumption. Flashback arrestor flow charts and technical service are available to help make the correct decision based on the equipment you are using. High flow flashback arrestors have a larger flame barrier with increased

Fully customize and mix your gases!

By Kristen Cifranic
March 18, 2015 Category: Gas Mixer Adjustable Gas Mixer Shielding Gas Welding

SuperFlash / IBEDA two-gas adjustable gas mixer By Dave Marquard July 30, 2015 Westlake, OH SuperFlash Compressed Gas Equipment, manufacturer of compressed gas safety and control devices, offers a two-gas adjustable gas mixer that allows blending your own shielding gases at almost any ratio and is simple to operate! Save Money and Get Better Shielding Gas! Often times, when buying pre-mixed gases, the mix purchased from the gas company is close but not exactly the formula needed for the application. Other times, pre-mixed gases arent used quickly enough and the gases will stratify (become un-mixed) in the cylinder. The best solution to this problem is to allow users to fully customize and mix the gases at the time of application. The SuperFlash Compressed Gas Equipment two-gas adjustable mixer allows blending your own shielding gases at almost any ratio needed to fit your process, requires no additional electricity, and is very simple to operate. Weighing in at only 7.5 lbs and

Flashback arrestor report from Germany

By Kristen Cifranic
March 04, 2015 Category: IBEDA Flashback Arrestors Welding Cutting

Our friends at IBEDA, Germany created videos about the importance of using flashback arrestors while welding, cutting or in allied processes. Using safety devices, like those manufactured by IBEDA, on a global scale has led to a continually decreasing number of accidents in this industry. IBEDA did a great job of translating this report from German to English, and they created a short video on how flashback arrestors are tested at their facility. See their video below on how flashback arrestors are tested. See their PVGD demonstration below.

SuperFlash In GAWDA News

By Kristen Cifranic
February 13, 2015 Category: GAWDA News, Vendor Awards

For several years now SuperFlash has been awarding vendors for their superior performance in customer service, timely delivery and quality products. On Feb 1st, 2015, GAWDA wrote about our performance-based awards in the Member News section of Welding and Gases Today. Thank you GAWDA! To read more about the SuperFlash awards, and the GAWDA article click here.

New Leak Testing Equipment Increases Production In Germany

By Kristen Cifranic
January 05, 2015 Category: Leak Testing Equipment, Helium Vacuum Leak Testing, Check Valves

IBEDA Germany has new Helium-Vacuum Leak Testing Equipment that has increased production capacity, thus allowing for further investment in automated manufacturing of gas non-return valves (check valves), gas safety devices and quick action couplings.

Guests From IBEDA Germany Attend The 2014 Fabtech Show

By Kristen Cifranic
December 10, 2014 Category: IBEDA Germany, Leak Detection Solution, Fabtech 2014

SuperFlash Compressed Gas Equipment had the privilege of hosting chief engineer from IBEDA Germany at the 2014 Fabtech show. We had a great show and were successful in introducing our new chemical line with Leak Detection Solution.

SuperFlash Compressed Gas Equipment and O.E. Meyer Safety Seminar

By Kristen Cifranic
November 24, 2014 Category: Safety Seminar, Flashback Arrestors, Safety Demonstrations

On November 14, 2014 Superflash Compressed Gas Equipment O. E. Meyer Company conducted a Safety with Compressed Gases seminar for a 160 participants, at the Lake County Safety Council. Participants were involved in several gas safety demonstrations and discussions, such as properly handling, using, storing, and moving gas cylinders and cryogenic vessels. The seminar also covered an overview of the safety standards from the Compressed Gas Association, Safety Bulletins, and Position Statements along with other OSHA, DOT, and industry practices. Presenters and participants at the seminar included Dave Marquard and Jason Flanigan from Superflash, and Paul Revolinsky, Branch Manager for O.E. Meyer, Garfield Hts Lorain.

A Size Flashback Arrestors

By Kristen Cifranic
November 12, 2014 Category: A Size Flashback Arrestors, A Size Connections, Torches, Regulators

Superflash A size flashback arrestors still offer all the benefits of our standard flashback arrestors, just with a size convenient for your smaller torches and regulators.

New Stainless Steel Flashback Arrestors

By Kristen Cifranic
October 29, 2014 Category: Stainless Steel Flashback Arrestors, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Flammable Gases

SuperFlash Compressed Gas Equipment now offers three additional versions of their stainless steel flashback arrestors to cover a much larger range of flow rates and situations.

SIMAX and DEMAX Series of Flashback Arrestors

By Kristen Cifranic
October 15, 2014 Category: Simax, Demax, Pipelines, Manifolds, Flashback Arrestors

The SIMAX and DEMAX series of flashback arrestors provides a full range of dry (no water or fluid to check or replenish) flashback, gas reverse flow and hose burn back protection in a compact, economical package. They are approved safety devices under ANSI Z49.1:2012 safety guidelines and help meet OSHA, NFPA and other strict industry safety standards. They are ideal for high volume gas flow applications in pipelines and manifolds. The best protection for your high-flow processes, without the high costs or checking liquid levels. Thermal shut off protection against burn backs and multiple flashbacks. More compact than liquid arrestors. Many different connections and flow rate options.

Line Drop Accessories

By Kristen Cifranic
October 01, 2014 Category: Line Drops, Reserve Gas

SuperFlash line drops can be installed when performing line maintenance, so you can continue to operate off a reserve gas supply while working on your manifold. Line drops are available to meet your needs and can be customized for special requirements. All SuperFlash line drops come complete with an in-line shut-off valve, drip leg and outlet cap and chain. We carry line drops for many gas services, includingAcetylene, Argon, CO2,Compressed Air, Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Nitrous Oxide, Oxygen,Propane, LPG, and Fuel Gas. Give us a call for more information on line drops and accessories, 1-888-327-7306.

Visit us at Fabtech 2014

By Kristen Cifranic
September 17, 2014 Category: Fabtech AWS, Flashback Arrestor Demo

Dont forget - Fabtech AWS, 2014 Where? Georgia World Congress Center 285 Andrew Young International Blvd NW Atlanta, GA 30313 When? November 11-13th, 2014 Our Booth? #C1223 See our famous flashback arrestor demo LIVE at our booth!

Flashback Demo

By Kristen Cifranic
September 03, 2014 Category: Flashback Arrestor Demo, Check Valves, Flashback, Flame Barrier

Using a flashback arrestor is the best way to stop flashbacks from occurring. They have the essential element that stops flashbacks a flame barrier. A flame barrier stops the rapid flame propagation through hoses, regulators and torches. Without this protection, check valves cannot stop a flashback. Want to see how flashback arrestors work? Check out our demo below!

New Spark Speaks Online Classes

By Kristen Cifranic
August 27, 2014 Category: Spark Speaks, Online Safety Courses, Flashback Arrestors, Torch And Regulators

SuperFlash added three new online classes to its Spark Speaks series of online courses for gas safety! This NEW series of FREE online courses is perfect for welders, supervisors, or anyone who uses oxygen and / or fuel gas with their job. 1. Intro To Compressed Gas And Welding Gas Safety This course covers the characteristics of gases, explaining the difference between oxygen and fuel gas and what safety features should be used for each gas. 2. Choosing The Proper Flashback Arrestor For Your Application Goes into detail about the following topics: How accidents occure How flashback arrestors work The different types of flashback arrestors and where they should be placed on equipment (torch and regulators) Calculations of flows and pressures 3. How To Prevent Welding And Compressed Gas Accidents Different regulations from OSHA and CGA are discussed to include the training requirements and equipment maintenance to meet these regulations. We also review the most common accidents

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